Week 30

This week was so much fun. This week we got to go to track and field and I was sack race. Then, we did our songs. Next, I am going to be in a movie in our class. Last, my friend Finley got her art shown in an art work show. This week was so much fun!!!!!Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.13.55 AM

Week 29

This week was so much fun! First, I started my brand new songs. Then, I had our 5th grade musical! Next, we had track and field media. Last, my class got to have a pizza party, because of SaraLogan. This was so much fun!

P.S. Happy April Fools Day!!!!File Apr 01, 8 31 44 AM

What I Did On Spring Break

This Spring Break I when to the beach. When I got to the beach, it was 12:00, so I had to go to bed. The 2nd day I when to the beach. The 3rd day I got sick. The 4th day I went to the beach. On the 5th day I stayed home. The 6th day I went shopping. The 7th day I had to go home. It was so much fun during my Spring Break!!

[ Spring break is a holiday that lets us take a break from school for a week]

Week 27

The week was fun. First, I did a vegetable garden with the class. Next, the class got new microphones for our songs. Then, I made the track team!!!!!!!!!!! Last, Spring Break starts Friday whichIMG_5896 is today, March 10, 2016. This week was fun.

Week 26

This week was fun and not fun. First, we had to take a 75 minute test ,TN-Ready test on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Next, we did track tryouts. Then, we had our songs. Last, we did double recess. This week was fun and not fun. File Mar 04, 10 14 41 AM

Week 25

This week I did so many good things. First, we had Dads and Donuts. Next, we had Wendy’s and what we did is the whole school goes to Wendy’s to eat and all of the money goes to our school. Then, we had songs that we wrote in groups of two. Last, we did Haney’s Court and thats my teachers name. We also had UT band came out and played for us in the gym. That was my 25 week of school. IMG_5776

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Week 24

This week was fun. First, I did Court Cases and Lily and I won!!!! Next, I did track races for the track team. Then,    

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