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Top 10 Things I Did This Year

Top 10:

10. Coupon books

9. Wonderworks fieldtrip

8. Haunted house

7. Candycane cottage

6. Karm

5.Christmas parade

4. Garden

3. Teachers vs. Students B-ball

2. Lucas Bands

1. Being in Mr.Haney’s class



Week 36

This week was so much fun!!! First, we had Field day. Then, we had the Award show. Next, I got  to pick food from the garden. Last, we had a end of the year party. This week was amazing!!!File May 18, 8 23 51 AM

Week 34

This week was so much fun. First, I went to KARM. Then, I got a letter from my South Korean penpal. Next, I made my mom a mothers day card. Last, a song for Lucas. [which I will post] This week was so much fun. IMG_6525

Week 33

IMG_6460This week was fun and not fun. The first thing is that we had is TNready test. Then, we got our year books. Next, we are going to do a science experiment. Last, we picked radishes from our class garden. This week was fun and not fun.

Week 32

This week was so much fun!!!!! First, we got our clay beings in art. Then, we finished our movie scripts. Next, we had soul singers. Last, Aaron is 1st place in ticket to read. This week was so much fun!!!!File Apr 22, 10 23 38 AM

Week 31

This week was awesome!!!! First, I did my song. [I will post it] Then, I did TNready test. Next, I had to bring in money for Shaved Ice for Lucas. Lucas is a boy in 1st grade at my school and he was diagnosed with this rare stomach cancer, and all the money is going to him. Last, my class had a pizza party because its SaraLogan’s and Andrew’s birthday. This week was awesome!!!IMG_6364