Month: November 2015

15 Week of School

This week I did a lot of things!!!!!! First, I did Kahoot but I did not win, but I never win. Next, I did coats for the cold. Then, I did Mystery Skype with Lakeland, Florida. Last, we did our Can food drive. That was my 15 week of school. IMG_4625

14th Week of School

This week was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First, I did my South Korean lanterns. Not, we ate veggies. Then, we did a Kahoot. Last, we did Ram of the Week. That  was my 14th week of school.IMG_4537

Week 13 of School

My 13th week was awesome. First, we New-o-Matic. Next, we did a chain party with Ms. Cain and Mr. Haney. Then, we mail our letters to Uganda. Last, we did our mornings with mom. That is my 13th week. IMG_4437