Month: October 2015

Week 12

This week was awesome! First, we did Storybird and Toontastic. {check mine out!} Next, we did 3 KAHOOTS!!!!! That is a  lot of kahoots in one week. Then we did Kindergarten Career Parade. They were SO CUTE!!!!  Last, we did our Halloween Party. It was so much fun!! That was my awesome 12 week of school.  File Oct 30, 6 02 25 AM

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Scary Story

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The Candy Monster

By: Ava Salvilla

Once upon a time there was a house in a creepy, quite neighborhood. Me and Izabella were going trick-or-treating and we were walking when Izabella said, “Lets go in that house Ava.” Then I said,” No it doesn’t  look  safe.” “ It’ll be fine, I promise.” said Izabella.

Then me and Izabella walked into the house. It was a normal house but on the outside it was not that pretty to look at. On the inside it was beautiful to look at. Then we were  walking around and all of  a sudden… Izabella fell down a huge hole in  the living room. Izabella yelled,” Help Ava, help!”  I came running to her and I saw her and she was being taken away  by a candy monster. Then I jumped down the big hole.

I was running to try to save Izabella but the sugar plum monster was too fast. Then I was walking home with no candy. It felt so weird without Izabella. Then when I got home I went to the couch and started watching TV. I was watching Spongebob Squarepants.

While I was watching Spongebob Squarepants I kept thinking about Izabella. Then I   remembered that Izabella is my best friend. So I went back outside and I thought to myself where would I be if I was a monster. I would be in the basement of the house. So I went back to the house and found a stairway to the basement. Then I found Izabella in the corner of the house basement.

The I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the corner. Then we went up the stairs and out of the house. Then I said to her,” I am sorry I left you, I never will do that again.” Then we made up and skipped to the next house. While I was skipping to the next house I thought to myself, I am never going into that house again!!!

My 10th Week of School

My 10th week of school was amazing! First, we had fall break. Next, we did our scary stories. Then, we did a commercial and I was a cockroach. Last, we did our animal research powerpoint to my reading buddies. That was my 10th week of school.  Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.02.14 PMIMG_4069

My 9th Week

This week I didn’t do that much because I was sick for 2 days. I did come on Friday and we had cookies and cupcakes. We also had reading buddies.That was  my 9th week of school.

My 8th Week of School

This week was awesome. First, I did my animal research powerpoint. Next, I did my Greek and Latin Root Word powerpoint and showed it to my reading buddies. Last, We had a coupon book party and it was fun. That was my 8th week of school.  IMG_3822