Month: September 2015

My Awesome 6th Week of School

IMG_3689My 6th week of school has been awesome!First,I did a new commercial.Next,I did fun-run.Then,I did a kahoot,but I did not come in first but I was once in first.Last,my whole class did a mystery skype from Iowa and we had a lot of fun doing it.My 6th week of school was one of the best so far!




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My 5th Week of School

My 5th week of school has been great.First, we did Kahoot is like a trivia game.Next, we did a Sumdog contest.Then, we did an Animal.  Reasearch and mine is a Walrus.In conclusion we did our commercial and I was a teletubbie. My 5th week of school was amazing.Ava


My 4th Week of School

My 4th week of school was awesome. First,we got posters from South Korea kids.Next, we did sumdog.Then,we took our star reading and math test.Last,we had a coupon kick off.This was an awesome week.IMG_3531